2019 CrossFit Games Open.

The 2019 Open is just around the corner…

What is the Open?

The Open is a 5-week worldwide event that takes place starting on February 21st and runs through till March 25th.

Every Thursday night for 5 consecutive weeks, CrossFit HQ releases a workout that we can all participate in. The workout will be two-fold where there will be an RX version of the workout as well as a scaled version of the workout to ensure inclusiveness for all levels, whether just beginning, or an experienced CrossFitter. Once the workout is released, you have until the following Monday evening to complete the workout (as many times as you want, if you’d like) and then you submit your score online, if you are signed up.

This CrossFit Games Leaderboard score will rank you on multiple leaderboards.

1) your own gym

2) your province

3) your age group (if you’re a master or teen)

4) your region (we are Canada East)

5) worldwide

However, this isn’t about the ranking and where you stack up, even though some people will take it more seriously than others. What it’s really about is bringing everyone in the CrossFit Limestone community together. This year we are going to do “Saturday Morning Sunshine and Mimosas” instead of Friday night lights. This way we will have childcare for families and we will also be able to get everyone together for the workouts instead of having 6am, 915, noon, and night time. And maybe the coaches will have tested the workouts and be able to give some tips!
It’s a common theme across the CrossFit community worldwide to all get together, complete the workout with a judge (judges count your reps and hand out no reps on squats not below parallel … you’ve been warned!) then after you pick yourself up off the floor, you eat some food and drink beers (yes that is still allowed on Saturdays). It’s going to be a good time!

Notes: The second week of the open we are hosting Michelle Letendre and her Deka workshop. That week (March 1st) we will be doing the open on Friday night. Also, with the open being on Saturday mornings, gymnastics will be cancelled, as well as teens, but they are welcome to join in on the open workouts!