December 30, 2016

About Us


CrossFit Limestone is an official and dedicated CrossFit facility.  Our facility is 4,700 square feet!  We strive to provide a superior heath and fitness program that produces results and encourages our members to reach their fullest potential in every facet of their functional lives.

At CrossFit Limestone, we strive to consistently deliver exceptional training.  We accomplish this by using a variety of methods.  The first method, would be through CrossFits programming!  There has been numerous instances that show that CrossFits methods of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity are producing some of the most fit, healthy and athletic people.  The second aspect, is our concept of community. We strive to create a close community with our members through support, encouragement, passion and care.  This bond is strengthened throughout the accomplishment of daily workouts to our optional community events to our monthly active social events!

It is our goal to provide effective, efficient, and elite training.  We aim to provide this through balancing professionalism, humility, caring and unparalleled service.  All the while, creating and maintaining a dedicated community of individuals that support, encourage and celebrate fellow members successes! 

A little glimpse into the fun we have!

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