December 30, 2016

Free Trial

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What to expect from your first class at CrossFit Limestone:

  • This is not your typical gym. In the best way possible:

    • A CrossFit gym is called a box. Our box is filled with top of the line equipment for everything you'd need to complete regular CrossFit workouts including: ropes, weights, pull-up bars, tires, rowers, ski ergs, fan bikes, etc. You won't find treadmills, personal TVs or any mirrors to take selfies in.
  • Slang you've probably never heard before

    • CrossFit has sort of developed it's own language. You might find yourself asking what a WOD is or what does AMRAP mean, but one of our helpful coaches or friendly members are more than willing to help you if you have questions and you'll find you will catch on quite fast. 
  • Safe and credible coaches

    • There is a lot of unwarrented confusion floating around outside of the CrossFit community about safety, but here at CrossFit Limestone the #1 goal for us is to keep our members safe and performing each movement with care. You will notice there are many coaches around the gym each and every session that are keeping an eye on your form and technique and will always work with you to ensure your safety
  • Positive, Energetic Atmosphere

    • One of the greatest things about CrossFit Limestone is our positive, healthy environment. We're always pushing our members to grow by consistently running new programs and sessions to allow you to get an extra edge or learn something new. We don't believe in putting someone down to pressure them to lift something heavier or push something further. We have a positive outlook on how you grow into CrossFit and will help you every step of the way. Expect loud music, lots of laughs and a community of individuals who are all working hard for themselves and each other.
  • Speaking of community...

    • We have the greatest group of members at CrossFit Limestone. It's not uncommon to find one member helping another with a certain lift, or helping someone repair a sore muscle. And one thing you might find strange in your first few weeks is the group of members you work out with crowding around you cheering you on as you finish your workout. This is what our family-style group fitness CrossFit training is all about. Yes you're going to feel it after each and every workout, but coming out of it with a group of like-minded members who support and care for each other will be a driving force that will help you reach your goals.

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