Handstand Push Up Progression!!!

Thinking back to the 2018 CrossFit Open 18.4 was hard for a lot of people. Now this wasn’t because of the weight in the deadlift but the new standard in the Handstand Push Up. It was an awkward measurement which some people were able to get their heels above the chalk line with ease while other people could not no matter how much they pressed.

So we (the coaches) sat down and came up with some ways to improve on this. We threw around a few ideas from doing more strength with pressing to getting some Russian medication for everyone. We decided to take a step back during the strength portion of the Handstand Push Up progression came up with our own movement standard. We will be using this over the next few months and will retest everyone.

We listed below the different levels. We will start to practice without stacking plates while doing strict and have our feet up on boxes. This is the reverse way of looking at it. Before we worked on doing full body weight and limited the range of motion, now we are working at full range of motion with limited the body weight.  Now this will only be during the strength portions and during WODs we will go back to kipping and if need be stacking plates.

We will be doing three sets with a 60 second rest between each set. To move up to the next level we will require you to complete 25 reps for men and 21 for women total over the three sets. Listed below are the six levels. If you have more questions ask the coaches about this. We are excited to see how much this helps (and everyone getting really nice triceps!!!). Take a look!

Level 1: Regular push up with chest never touching the ground and body stays hollow – Must complete 30/21

Level 2: Head to floor in downward dog position – Must complete 25/21

Level 3: Feet on 8-inch box – Must complete 25/21

Level 4: Feet on 12-inch box – Must complete 25/21

Level 5: Feet on 24-inch box – Must complete 25/21

Level 6: Feet on 24-inch box and hands on low parallettes – 25/21

Must complete all levels before moving on.