December 30, 2016

Limestone Juniors & L’il Lifters

Coordination, agility, balance and accuracy are four general physical skills that are improved through practice.

Our Crossfit Kids is a strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for kids and teenagers and helps them develop a life long love of fitness. In a group setting, kids participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results and prepare them to be well rounded athletes. The movements involved in CrossFit Kids include all the things kids do when they play, pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift and jump. The program focuses on providing an exciting and interactive environment that shows you can had fun without technology.

We have two groups:

L’il Lifters – 6 to 9 Years Old

What is Lil’ Lifters?

‘Lil Lifters’ is a pilot program unique to Crossfit Limestone, that aims to engage children in exercise and mobility. Through short, direct teaching of movements and plenty of games and supervised free time, children ages 6 and up can discover their strength and explore their mobility.

Lil Lifters aims to build strength while allowing children to play. They are taught similar skills, but at their own pace and based on their own interests, so that they are constantly building skills that they have dictated.

Lil Lifters aims to build a team mentality and social skills – so skills like throwing and catching a ball, kicking a soccer ball and relay runs will also be a part of the program. This encourages a positive environment and develops their interpersonal skills.

How do they progress through the program?
Kids learn progressions from easy games through more advanced movements – kipping before toes to bar, squats with a medicine ball before wall balls, as examples – and increase their speed and comfort with frequent practice of the same safe movements.

CrossFit Limestone Juniors – 10 to 13 Years Old

What is CFL Juniors?

Juniors is a fun introduction to strength and conditioning program. The kids will start to learn the basic movements of squatting, deadlifting, overhead pressing, bounding, jumping and running; movements that we do everyday in life. We will give them proper technique patterns that can be applied whether they are playing other sports or just developing proper spatial awareness. It is necessary that they practice these movements since are the foundational movements of everyday life but reinforcing the value of having fun.

Will they go heavy?

We will not have them “max out” or go really heavy. This is about proper instruction and teaching athleticism. They will learn how to use barbells and other pieces of equipment (kettle bells, rowing machines) and the safety of using the equipment. They will learn the movements using a high repetition with low weight (for example doing 4 sets of 10 reps) to reinforce movement.

Will it effect their growth or cause injury?

Using weights will not effect their growth. This is based on inaccurate research. Kids will be shown to do movements with adult supervision to avoid injuries. Safety is leading goal our program. Please read the article below from Health News in the United States on CrossFit Kids!

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Classes last 60 minutes on average and are composed of a warm up, main workout and a game. Workouts are constantly varied and no two session will be the same. Your child will never get bored of the same activities and will always leave wanting more.
Discounts: Receive a 10% discount one the second child a 20% discount on the third child. Please ask for details.

Questions about the Juniors and L'il Lifters Program?