Our New Gymnastics Board

After the CrossFit Open 2018 and the goal setting sessions a lot of people want to master the gymnastics portion of CrossFit. Moreover, people want to learn how manipulate their own body weight. This is a great goal for everyone, but the tricky part is how do we get them there?

With everyone being at different crossroads in their strength and conditioning continuum and on different schedules it becomes difficult to fit it all in a single class. With working on our barbell cycling strength work, work capacity and WODs sometimes in a single class it is hard to fit in 10 minutes of pure gymnastics work. We added our Gymnastics class on Saturday morning so people can get the extra guidance but we do need some more practice on some of the basic drills.

So, we have starting our “Gymnastics Board’. On the board above the kettlebells will be workouts that you can do. Now this will be done on your own time. If you show up early for class or have ten minutes to spare after class before you need to go home this is a great time to take a read and practice some of the movements we have up there.

It will be split into three sections with each section based on a series of movements. One will be Toes to Bar, second will be Handstand Push-ups and Handstand walking and third will be pull ups and muscle ups. Now you do not need to do every exercise. You are able to get to pick your dose on this. If your goal is T2B then pick one or two exercises from the T2B section and practice for ten minutes. Maybe you want to master some HSPU too but shoulders are a little fatigue so you save it for another day. It’s always good to have options!!

Now there will be some movements that are more difficult for you while others are “easy”. That’s ok, in fact let us know what ones are the difficult ones. For some movements, we will have suggested reps to complete. If we write up 6-10 reps pick don’t necessary pick ten the first time. We want perfection on each rep and the last one shouldn’t look different than the first one. Think of it like this: 6 reps should be learning for the first time and the 10th rep should be a master of the drill. The pure goal of this is mastery of our own body. If there are any movements you do not know just ask the coach and we will gladly show you the movement. Now it is time to get to work!!!