March 19, 2017

Teen Performance Program

Improve your athletes? performance and decrease injuries. With our youth and high school performance training programs, athletes get the tools they need to improve strength, endurance, speed, power, and flexibility. These programs include performance testing and training techniques to improve overall performance and to educate athletes about how decisions their impact performance.


Teen Performance training and education is available year-round (Summer and School Year), and Teen Performance programs are available for teams, groups and individual athletes. These sessions are done at CrossFit Limestone, or off site at request.

Summer Training

Summer dryland training is a highly valuable tool for high level sports teams and athletes , helping them gain the upper hand on on teams and athlete's they will face in the upcoming year.

  • - Designed to make hard working athletes reach their full potential.
  • - Prepare athletes for the upcoming season, making them stronger and more conditioned
  • - Includes Track sessions and gym sessions.

School Year Training

In season dryland training is also very important for athletes to maintain strength and conditioning during the season and leading up to and including playoffs.

  • - Without proper in-season training, athletes will lose their conditioning and strength gains made in the pre-season
  • - In-Season programs are designed to maintain and reduce injury and/or burnout
  • - As well as maintenance and performance, these sessions will have a focus on effective recovery and self maintenance


For more information on our Teen Performance Program and how to sign up, please contact us below: