What Bob Eats!!!

So the other week we had James post what he eats in a day. Beside realizing how many bananas that guy eats hopefully people saw how important it is to eat full meals especially if performance or strength gains are the main motivation.

For this I will outline my meals and why. Everybody is different with different schedules, goals etc but you will see some of the similarities in James to mine.



I usually coach a 6:00 AM class but breakfast does not really change in the structure. On this morning I had two sausage patties from Maple Ridge Farms. These things are delicious. In every meal I include protein. So if not the sausage it could be 4-5 eggs or left overs from the night before. I have some beet salad and sauerkraut with breakfast. The sauerkraut is for having my probiotic. The brand I have is Bubbies and you can buy in any local food store (Tara’s, Barriefield). Also included but in the photo I will each half an avocado. If I don’t have that I put coconut oil in my coffee. I try to include a lot of fat in morning to help me keep full and try to have it before I trained. I don’t include a lot of carbs in the morning because I find this makes me feel lethargic and hungry later on.



Most days I train around 10:30 or at 1:00. After training I will have a whey supplement with usually milk from the Limestone Creamery. We get this delivered right to the gym so if anyone is interested let us know. If the training was a very aerobic session I will include some fruit such as an apple or banana with it. Normally this is directly after training and don’t have a lot of time to eat a meal so I have this just to fill me for the next hour or so.


Lunch/Post Training:

In this photo I have left over steak Tera didn’t eat the night before (her lost) and coleslaw from┬áthe store. This isn’t a lot but just a quick fix. I don’t like to eat a big meal in the day time because I would want to nap after. Again, I like to avoid a lot of carbs during the day because I find carbs make me feel lethargic.



In this photo is ribs cooked in the slow cooker (the ribs are from the Maple Ridge Farm) and sweet potatoes. I do not measure my food but just eat until I feel really full. I usually have dinner around 7:30 and will go until I want to be in a food coma. Somedays I will eat more depending on how my workouts went through the day and other days it will be just one plate full. Again, I base this on feel and how my day was. A stressful day and or very busy day I will eat more. This is the meal when I would “carb load”. This usually consist of a lot of root vegetables since they are the most dense.


Before Bed Snack:

Yes, the rumours are true … I do eat ice cream sandwiches. In the evening I will have one or two depending on the size. This isn’t everyday just when we have them. I will also make a smoothie before bed. This will include whole milk again from Limestone Creamery. I will throw in a lot of spinach, peanut butter and maybe a banana or berries. Also I will include Casein for more protein. I find this help me sleep at night going to bed on a full stomach, make up for any calories I am lacking in the day, helps me recover and not hungry when I wake up.



Usually every I take three supplements. First is protein. This is in the form of Whey after working out and Casein before bed. Check out this post for more info why the difference between the two (What Is Protein). The casein helps me sleep at night. The next is magnesium. Again this is for sleep and helps me recover and sleep better at night. The last is creatine. I take this in the morning before working out or during breakfast. Creatine (in my opinion) is the most important supplement. This will benefit anyone looking for strength, increase cognitive use or recovering from a concussion (click here for more info).

Again. every day varies. Some days are planned out and I bring lots of food. Some days I don’t eat a lot until the evening I literally eat everything. I do eat snacks like cookies (love peanut butter cookies) and don’t feel guilty. I only eat them when I felt like I earned them. Just like my beer. But foods I do avoid are pastas and sometimes bread (unless it is with a burger). Next post will be about Tera and I and how we do our meals since we do eat differently but similar structure. If you have any questions on this please feel free to ask me!!!