What Does James Eat?

On the next couple blogs we will be outlining what the coaches eat. This will hopefully help some people who have questions about how much, how often and what they should eat.

What does James eat?

Here I am outlining a typical day of what I eat. I do not eat the exact same thing every day, but I do try to keep meal structure and timing very similar, if possible.  I have tried different things, and this is what I have found to work best so far with how my days are structured and how I respond to different types of food. Hopefully this will help give people an idea of how much food is required when training. I do train twice a day most days of the week but even on days that it is one session or a rest day I do keep the volume high.


5:50 am – ½ scoop of assault preworkout to get me going for the day and for my first training session.



7:30am – post workout: protein shake with 300ml of whole milk, 1 scoop of protein and 1 whole banana. I find the milk with protein and a banana an easy and convenient way to get carbs and protein post workout, without having to have a solid meal cooked and ready to go.


8:30am – breakfast: 3-4 whole eggs, usually with some assortment of veggies, and perhaps another piece of fruit (or bacon)


11:00am – Lunch: ground beef with spices (approx. half a lb) , golden beets and fresh green beans. I usually eat my lunch aroud 11, a little bit earlier than most. I usually train at 1, and find that eating 2 hours before gives enough time for the food to digest


1:00pm – ½ of assault preworkout before 2nd training session

2:30-3:00 PM – post workout / snack: After my 2nd training session I usually have a smoothie with spinach, banana, protein powder and milk. Again, just a convenient way to get it all in, especially if I am at the gym.


4:30PM-  snack #2 – wrap with eggs (or any kind of meat), hummus, and spinach



6:00PM – supper: 1 chicken breast, with sweet potato and asparagus. This is the typical makeup of most of my dinners. I try to eat a protein, veggies, and some sort of starchy carbohydrate.





9:00PM – before bed snack:  2-3 bananas mashed up with 4tbsp of natural peanut butter sprinkled with chocolate chips. Then finished off with another protein shake.

I eat this right before bed and typically feel ready to train first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, whereas usually I would wake up hungry and need to eat first thing. I have also found that I sleep well on a full stomach vs. an empty stomach