December 30, 2016

What Is CrossFit?

How do I get started with CrossFit?

First you must complete the Foundations Program. It consist of three classes teaching you the basic movements that we perform in the classes. It will also include mobility that will aid you to perform the movements with more fluidity. Once you have completed the Foundations we will set you on a schedule to begin the classes.

How do I sign up?

Please contact us so we can arrange a class for you to join. Please do not sign up for any classes on our schedule before talking to us. We offer a free trial class and discounts for various situations (see our pricing page for more details).

Do I need to be really fit to do CrossFit?

No. Whether you are a professional athlete, a mother of two kids or a needing to get active to avoid a knee replacement, we will make sure you are achieving your goals. CrossFit is going to push you to your limits. The workouts are scaled to your fitness level.

Will I get big or bulky from lifting heavy weights?

In order to big or bulky you have to make it your goal to get big. The photos and videos you see of people who CrossFit and appear big and bulky have planned to be that size. They spent a lot of time lifting heavy things and ate a high calorie diet. We do strength at our gym but muscle hypertrophy isn’t our focus.

I heard people get hurt doing CrossFit?

People can get hurt in any type of fitness. In our small class setting the coaches are able to make sure you are properly warmed up, executing the exercises in a safe manner and do a proper cool down to avoid pain or discomfort in the days after.

What if I can’t do the movements?

In CrossFit, every workout and/or movement is scaleable so every person, regardless of ability, is able to perform the workout. If there are any movements you cannot do, whether it is from an injury or mobility issue, we will find a way that you can still have full participation in the class

What is a WOD?

WOD stands for “Workout Of the Day”

Why the are workouts so short?

We believe in short intense exercise is the most effective and efficient way to exercise. Whether you are trying to become faster in running or lean out, intense workouts that are short in duration provides the most rewards. It will help burn more fat, gain more muscle, better recovery and leave you with more time to practice your skills and work on your mobility.

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Important Abbreviations:

AMRAP – As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible
OTM – On The Minute

What is CrossFit?


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